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A Temporary Smile Makeover – Snap On Smile

Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? A beautifully straight and white smile can boost your self-confidence in ways you never thought possible. An attractive smile can impact multiple aspects of your daily life, including your relationships and even your job. In fact, a recent study reports that employees with an attractive smile are more likely to get promoted.

The Dilemma

So now that we’ve established the perfect smile is most certainly desirable, let’s explore the reasons why not everyone is sitting in the dentist’s chair getting their smile makeover. There are a number of reasons why patients elect to postpone or decline a full-mouth reconstruction or smile makeover. Two of the most common drawbacks include the following:

• Cost – Depending on your cosmetic or restorative dental needs, a smile reconstruction can be quite costly. Porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants and other services are made from high quality, durable materials; therefore, they are not priced cheaply.

• Fear – Some patients do not like the unknown. Changing your smile can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and it is not uncommon for patients to decline a smile makeover because they are afraid of the permanent changes that result.

The Solution

Many reputable dentists offer a way in which you can enjoy the benefits of a smile makeover, without the permanence and cost. Gilreath Dental Associates helps patients using Snap on Smile technology. As the name implies, it is an appliance that literally snaps into place, giving you an instant appearance of a better smile. The Snap-On Smile appliance is made without any drilling or shots and is totally painless. This is a great temporary option for those that just want the perfect smile for a one-time event or to see exactly how they would look if they were to invest in a full-mouth reconstruction. Patients that plan on investing in a smile makeover can utilize the Snap On Smile until their finances are in order and they can afford the procedure.

Ask your dentist about Snap on Smile technology and discover the priceless benefits of a beautiful, confident smile!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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