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Happy Halloween and Info on 96 Minutes Screening

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun and safe time tonight. Eat up but remember to brush!

I’ve been asked by several patients about the movie that my wife and I co-produced called 96 Minutes, starring Brittany Snow, David Oyelowo and Evan Ross (Diana’s son). So I thought I would post some information about the film here. On next Thursday, November 8, we are having a screening of the film at The Strand Theater on the Marietta square. This is a fundraiser for the theater and 100% of proceeds from the screening will go to the Strand. Tickets are $9 and are available at the box office or you can get them online at Here's a link to the trailer on Youtube. 96 Trailer

My wife, Channie and I worked on this film during 2009-2010. I was one of the four producers and Channie worked as Set Decorator. The movie was shot here in Marietta, in Cartersville and in Atlanta. It is based on true events and depicts the events of one night involving a carjacking/kidnapping and the bad decisions of some young adults that led up to it. The film is rated R and I must tell you there is some very graphic language in the film, especially in the first 10 minutes so no young teens should attend. But the story is exciting and it will be fun to see the square and local restaurants in the film and the overall message of the film is very good, especially for young adults. The film has won many awards at major film festivals in North America.

There will be a Q&A with Channie and me at the end of the film for those who want to hang around to talk about the process of producing and shooting the film. So if you are free on Thusday, come on down. I look forward to a fun event!

Best regards,

Paul Gilreath

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