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Marietta No Drill Restoration

At Gilreath Dental Associates in Marietta, we strive to provide exceptional restorative and implant dentistry in the most conservative manner possible. One way we do this is by actively addressing small decay areas in teeth before they grow into larger areas that need full blown fillings. Dr. Gilreath uses ICON, a new patented process that infiltrates resin into small “incipient” decay lesions in teeth. The process requires no drilling or anesthesia and is completely conservative since it does not remove any tooth structure.

Atlanta GA ICON Dental Practice

As you can see in this animation, decay travels from the outside of the tooth into the first layer (called the enamel). If it is stopped at this layer, it will not proceed into the middle layer (the dentin). Many dentist have a “let’s watch it and see what happens” attitude for these small lesions. At Gilreath Dental Associates, we are more conservative and treat the offending decay before it can progress into the middle part of the tooth (where it would have to be drilled out and a filling applied to the tooth).

Tooth Decay Removal

This technique is very cutting edge and has been used in Europe for several years. The process is FDA approved. Gilreath Dental Associates is proud to be an ICON provider and we continue to provide the most best dentistry in the most conservative manner available. If you would like to be in a dental practice that values conservative approaches, please contact our Marietta No Drill Restoration Experts today for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

At Gilreath Dental we are determined to provide you with the highest level of patient care and customer service. If you have any dental questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our office at your convenience so we can address any of your needs.

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