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Teeth bleaching is by far, the most popular cosmetic dental procedure we do at Gilreath Dental Associates. Bleaching is very affordable and can make a huge difference in your smile. There is a lot of confusion in the public about bleaching and teeth whitening. The FDA is very strict as to the classifications of bleaching versus whitening. From a technical standpoint, whitening simply means to brighten your teeth by removing external stain caused by food and beverages (coffee, tea, wine, dark berries, etc). This is why certain toothpastes and even some mouthwashes state that they “whiten” teeth. Essentially, they are just helping to clean stain and debris from the outside of the tooth. They don’t actually lighten the color of your teeth.

Bleaching, on the other hand, means to lighten a tooth from the inside out in order to obtain a lighter tooth color than your natural teeth. However, it is common in the media and among patients to call bleaching procedures “whitening” procedures. We use both terms interchangeably in our office. However, it is important to remember that true bleaching procedures change the color of the tooth from the inside out.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Virtually everyone is a good candidate for whitening/bleaching procedures. Just about anyone can benefit from bleaching. As a rule, the darker the color of your teeth, the more difficult it is to produce great results. In particular dark grays and red shades are particularly resistant to bleaching. If you have tetracycline staining (caused by taking tetracycline when you were a child), you may have been told that it is impossible to bleach your teeth. That was true only a few years ago, but as bleaching techniques have advanced, we have found that even more difficult colors can now be bleached though the procedure takes longer. In the event that your teeth cannot be bleached, porcelain veneers are often the best choice to improve your smile.

Why are some people’s teeth darker than others?

Just as skin color varies from person to person, so does the color of teeth. Teeth are usually at their whitest early in life and as we age, our teeth get darker. This is primarily due to two reasons. First, as we age, our teeth pick up internal discoloration from substances such as Iron that is found in our blood. The blood circulation to our teeth decreases as we age, and it becomes more difficult for our body to “flush out” the discoloration substances and so they remain in our teeth and build up to darken the color. Second, we all loose a certain amount of enamel on our teeth as we age. This is caused by things we eat and drink (such as carbonated or acid beverages and hard or acidic foods). As we lose enamel on our front teeth, more of the darker internal structure shows through. This causes our teeth to appear darker. Both of these reasons are why our teeth appear darker and darker as we age. In addition to this aging phenomena, some people just have darker teeth from birth. This is caused by darker pigments occurring naturally in your teeth.

How is it done?

Over the years, we have used many bleaching products in an effort to stay current with the almost yearly advances. We have been a Britesmile provider (which uses a light to activate the bleach) and we have used various concentrations of products with various delivery methods. As of this date, we feel that KöR bleaching protocol is the most effective, kindest to the teeth and tissues and longest lasting. Depending on your tooth color and history of prior bleaching, we offer two different methods to bleach your teeth–“in-office” and “at-home”.

Atlanta GA Teeth Bleaching

KöR Bleaching System

The process is so successful for two reasons. First, the developer realized that bleaching worked best when the bleach material was in the same state as when it was first manufactured. Unfortunately, bleaching material is very susceptible to breakdown by time, heat and saliva dilution. So the protocol addresses all of these elements. While all other manufacturers provide dentists with their in-office bleach as a single tube of bleach, KöR arrives to dentists as three components, which are not mixed until the moment of bleaching. This allows the bleach material to maintain its full strength without degradation. The bleach is put on dry ice as it comes off the assembly line and is shipped directly to the dentist in that storage unit. It then goes directly into the refrigerator at our office.

Next, the at-home portion of the procedure uses bleaching trays like other systems, BUT, there is a very specific way the bleaching trays are made, which totally isolates the teeth from saliva dilution. This results in a bleach delivery to your teeth that is strong and untainted. KöR is also the kindest to teeth, resulting in little to no sensitivity during the bleaching process–a claim that cannot be made by other systems.

Finally, once the teeth are “primed” by the at-home portion, the in-office portion of the procedure again follows very meticulous guidelines that results in a profound bleaching of the teeth. No light is used to activate the bleach (like BriteSmile and Zoom). This is because after years of using lights, leading researching at The Medical College of Georgia and many other research institutes discovered that using a light actually decreased the effectiveness of the bleaching process (because the heat from the light renders the bleach ineffective after a very short time). Consequently, there is no light used which can make the teeth sensitive and even damage the nerve of the tooth.

KöR is a wonderful treatment for patients age 14 and up. Safe and reliable with profound whitening results. If you would like a FREE, no obligation consultation to see if KöR is right for you ,please give us a call at (770) 514-1224.

Teeth Whitening Dentists

How long do whitening results last?

All bleaching systems require that you do yearly maintenance sessions at home to maintain your whitened color. In fact, with the KöR protocol, we provide you at home custom bleaching trays that you can use for yearly touch ups. Once you bleach, you can be all but certain that your teeth will never return to the dark shade where they began. If you are a red wine, tea or coffee drinker or if you smoke or use other tobacco products, it is important that you use the appropriate tooth paste to help remove these stains in between your normal cleanings. At Gilreath Dental Associates, we will recommend some specific toothpastes for you to use to help keep your teeth their brightest as well as touch up bleaching gels that will quickly and easily get your teeth back to their whitest look.

Are products that you can buy at the drugstore like Crest White Strips effective?

Crest White Strips do work however, because they use a low concentration peroxide gel in preformed strips, they do not work as well as a professional system. In addition, because the strips do not offer any way to keep saliva from diluting the bleaching material, it is impossible for Crest White Strips or other non-professional products to work as effectively as those we have at Gilreath Dental Associates.

If you would like to find out if you or a family member is a good candidate for teeth whitening or bleaching, contact our Atlanta Teeth Whitening Specialists today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to serving you with top quality dental care.

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