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Marietta Tooth Stain Removal

Every year, hundreds of thousands of teenagers finish their traditional orthodontic treatment (using brackets and bands) and are discouraged to find that their teeth are discolored and spotted and they need tooth stain removal or some form of cosmetic dental care.

Atlanta GA Teeth Stains

These spots are caused by plaque and staining foods attacking the enamel around the brackets of the front teeth. The resultant brown and white teeth stains are very unsightly. Many parents (and even many dentists) think that these stains are not treatable in a conservative manner since until recently, these spots could only be consistently improved by drilling them out of the tooth and replacing them with tooth colored fillings. Now, we have a product that will remove these spots with no drilling, no anesthesia and in a fast and consistent way. Dr. Gilreath uses a product and technique called ICON to infiltrate resin into the lesions. This process dramatically improves and often totally eliminates spotting caused by orthodontic brackets.

Tooth Discoloration

If you or one of your children have white spots similar or tooth discoloration to the ones in these photographs, please contact our Marietta Tooth Stain Removal Experts at Gilreath Dental Associates for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

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