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Your Dream Smile Using Less Dollars and No Drills

Are you desperate for a smile makeover but can’t afford it right now? Or are you considering a permanent cosmetic procedure but want to make sure you like the changes? Snap On Smile might be your answer. As the name implies, it is an appliance that literally snaps into place over your existing teeth, giving you an instant appearance of a better smile. Snap On Smile is a non-permanent and non-invasive dental appliance that involves no drills, no cutting down of existing tooth structure, no needles, and it’s removable. Gilreath Dental Associates offers Snap-On Smile appliances to patients in a variety of situations including:

• Patients that can’t afford a permanent cosmetic smile makeover.

• Patients that just want to see what they would look like before they proceed with a permanent procedure.

• Patients that have an event or photo shoot and want a flawless smile.

• Patients that are temporarily waiting on a crown for a dental implant.

Snap On Smile just requires on easy dental visit for a proper impression to be made. You can choose from 23 shades and 18 smile designs to get your smile exactly as you’ve always dreamed. The appliance is made from a very durable material called crystallized acetyl resin, which is the same material that NASA uses in aircraft cabinetry. You may have to get used to the appliance at first, but in hours you should be talking and eating like normal with your new smile by Snap On Smile. In fact, you can wear it all day every day if you wish. This affordable product polishes beautifully and typically lasts 3 to It for 15-20 5 years.

If you are interested in an affordable way to makeover your smile, find a dentist such as Gilreath Dental Associates in your area that can offer you an amazing Snap On Smile.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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