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Dental Implants 101

If you have missing teeth, you are likely in the market for a replacement option soon. After all, teeth are essential to the function and appearance of a healthy smile. So what exactly are your options? Teeth replacement procedures come in the form of bridges, dentures and dental implants. While some people may close the door on dental implants when they discover the cost, it is worth understanding the worthwhile advantages you get when you choose implants dentistry to replace missing teeth. Here are the basics of what you may want to know before you approach your dentist:

Am I a candidate for dental implants? If you have teeth that have fallen out due to cavities, disease or injury, dental implants can help. It is important that dental implant patients also have no major health issues and have good bone structure as well as a disciplined oral hygiene routine. Heavy smokers and those with heart disease or diabetes should to be evaluated first.

What is the main structural difference between dental implants and dentures? Dental implants are a tooth replacement option that actually affix to your teeth roots. This makes your smile much more natural and durable than dentures, which are removable.

What can I expect while getting dental implants? Patients will have a preparatory appointment to get detailed assessments and measurements of your jaw and teeth structure, which can include specialized x-rays, a study of your mouth model and CT scans. The dental implants procedure itself is usually divided into a three-step process which involves implanting metal rods and waiting for them to attach to your bone. Protective screws are replaced with metallic healing caps before your final dental implants are put into place. The entire dental implant process may take up to 6 months or more, but most patients wear temporary bridges or dentures while the implants are attaching to the bone underneath the gum line and healing.

What are the major advantages of choosing dental implants? Though the process and cost seem intimidating, dental implants will last you a lifetime. They give patients a natural, restored smile with the most improved appearance and function. Dental implants are highly durable and do not require restrictions or limitations like those that you may experience with dentures.

Gilreath Dental Associates specializes in helping patients choose a tooth replacement option that suits you best. They educate patients in detail about dental implants and ensure patients are satisfied with their new, confident smile!

 Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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