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Your Grinding Habit

If you have ever lived with someone who grinds their teeth, it can be difficult to ignore, especially if it happens during the night. Most people that have a teeth grinding habit, however, are usually not even aware that they are doing it. If it happens occasionally, there bruxism, you can do some serious damage to your teeth and jaw over time. Besides getting to the root cause of your grinding, the good news is that a custom mouthguard from your dentist can alleviate most cases of nighttime bruxism instantly.

You may resist the thought of putting in a mouthguard after slipping on your pajamas each night. But a nighttime mouthguard protects your teeth from wearing down and becoming permanently damaged. Furthermore, if you suffer from morning headaches due to bruxism, you will likely find the relief you need from a custom mouthguard instead of popping aspirin every morning.

Whether you choose to try a mouthguard for your grinding or not, it is important that you at least investigate what is causing you to grind in the first place. It is usually not a random habit, but one that has some common contributing factors and triggers. Here are some things to try to reduce your specific grinding habit:

• De-stress! A lot of people grind their teeth due to stress. Find out what eases your tension and make an effort to incorporate that in your day.

• Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol. Both of these have been known to increase grinding.

• Relax Your Jaw. Save your chewing for food. In other words, no pen chewing or nail biting and even gum chewing can be reduced to allow your jaw muscles to relax. Some people find that holding a warm washcloth against their cheek in front of the earlobe helps to relax their jaw enough to reduce nighttime grinding.

Always talk to your dentist about your teeth grinding habit. Your dentist can determine if you need any restorative procedures to repair damage already done or it may be time to get fitted for a mouth guard. Gilreath Dental Associates understands how to treat bruxism effectively. Do yourself and your partner a favor and put an end to your grinding today.
Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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