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White Spots After Braces?

The excitement and anticipation of getting your metal braces off can be quickly crushed at the sight of ugly stains and spots on your new smile. This is extremely common for teenagers who undergo months or years in metal brackets and bands. Post-ortho spots and discoloration are caused from plague and staining foods, and it is a problem that is difficult to avoid. While most dentists only offer invasive cosmetic treatments such as drilling the unsightly areas out of the tooth and replacing them with tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Gilreath offers a more advanced and conservative solution. The ICON system can gently infiltrate resin into the areas of orthodontic spotting and will significantly reduce or eliminate the white spots that your braces left behind.

What is ICON?

Infiltration Concept (ICON) is a revolutionary product and technique that has simplified the way dentists treat port-orthodontic white spot lesions as well as early caries. It was introduced in the United States in 2009 by DMG America. ICON is primarily distinguished by its ability to remove unsightly white spots without the need for drilling or anesthesia.

How does it work?

Your ICON treatment is a very simple procedure. It fills and strengthens the pores of the lesions with a light-cured and low-viscosity resin material. The infiltrating resin is pulled deep into each tooth lesion (or stain) through capillary action. There is no shade matching necessary with ICON because this material blends with your existing tooth color consistently.

While the ICON may not be effective for everyone, it has shown proven success for teenagers and adults who want a non-invasive and simple method to remove intrinsic staining caused by traditional braces. You may choose to combine the ICON procedure with professional teeth whitening to remove extrinsic staining and brighten your smile. If you are disappointed in the color of your teeth after braces, turn to Gilreath Dental Associates for advanced cosmetic dental techniques to unveil your best finished smile.

 Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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