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The Benefits of Choosing a CEREC Dentist

When finding the best dentist for your family, you may be looking for someone who treats both kids and adults, someone who offers dental implants or a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic dentistry. What you may not realize, however, are the extraordinary benefits you’ll gain if you choose a CEREC dentist.

What is a CEREC dentist?

A CEREC dentist is a dentist that is qualified and equipped to use advanced CAD/CAM technology to provide one-visit dentistry. This means that a number of restorative and cosmetic solutions that would ordinarily take multiple visits to complete can now be offered in just one appointment. The convenience is unrivaled and the quality is no less superior than past methods.

To fully understand and appreciate CEREC technology, it is important to understand how a traditional dentist would do things. If you’ve suffered substantial damage to a tooth or have a significant aesthetic flaw (such as large gaps, chips or deep stains), you’ll probably opt for a dental crown or veneer. Traditional methods involve taking measurements of the affected teeth (usually with a messy impression) and sending the results to an off-site lab. In the meantime, you’ll be forced to wear a temporary crown or veneer for a couple weeks until the permanent restoration is ready. At this point, you’ll return for another office visit to have your final crown or veneer placed.


CEREC is a state-of-the-art technology that streamlines the restoration process into one easy visit. Nothing is sent off-site and there’s no need to wear a temporary crown. We will use the equipment to take digital measurements of your teeth (far more precise and comfortable than an impression). Next, the CAD/CAM software immediately starts creating a computerized image of the tooth along with the perfect blueprint for an ideal restoration. The CEREC machine then utilizes 3D printing capabilities to sculpt and produce your permanent crown or veneer out of the chosen material. This can all be done while we are preparing your tooth for the crown. We will place your crown and ensure it fits precisely before you walk away. In one visit, you can regain the smile you were meant to have.

Now that you understand the profound benefits in having access to modern dental techniques such as CEREC technology, you may want to add “CEREC dentist” to your criteria for a good dentist. At Gilreath Dental Associates, we hope you can stop your search right here. Dr. Gilreath proudly pursues the latest dental technologies available, and we are known as Marietta’s leading CEREC dentist.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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