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Marietta Family Dentist Uses Digital Scanner for Impressions

Earlier this year, I invested in an Itero Digital Scanner. The scanner is used to make 3D digital impressions of teeth and takes the place of the gooey impressions that we used to use. This is the latest state-of-the-art technology and I’ve invested in the scanner to provide a more comfortable experience for our patients, while also receiving a much more accurate impression of our patient’s teeth.

Scanning with the light wand

The scanner can be used to capture digital impressions for crowns, bridges, implants and even Invisalign! The scans are even more accurate than traditional impressions and they also allow us to see the prepared teeth magnified on the screen up to 2000 times the actual size! Scanning is easy and painless. We use a light wand and simply make pictures of different parts of your mouth. It's so easy!

This allows us to be hyper-critical of the margins of our prepared teeth and make any minor modifications before we send it to the lab. This means better crown margins which equates to a longer lasting crown for you. The precision of the scan also means the bite record is much more accurate, so that means a shorter appointment with less adjusting when we cement the crown onto your teeth.

For my Invisalign patients, we scan the entire upper and lower teeth and get a bite record very quickly. Then I send the scan to Invisalign in Costa Rica over the internet. In fact, the scan is in Costa Rica before the patient even leaves our office. It’s that fast! There is no lag time converting an old-fashioned impression into the digital format that Invisalign uses.

This saves over three weeks of time for my patients. And because I’m one of the top Invisalign providers in the Southeast, I typically have a completed treatment plan from Invisalign, based on my specifications, in about 1 day. For Invisalign Providers who don’t use this advanced technology or this seniority, the time frame is up to four weeks!

We are the only dental practice in Cobb County that uses this advanced technology for Invisalign and only one of only a handful of dentists in the entire state of Georgia! I invested in the scanner to give our patients the best care possible. And as Cobb County’s #1 Invisalign Provider, I take that responsibility very seriously.

If you are thinking about having Invisalign treatment for yourself or a friend or loved one, please call us for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll even scan you that day at no charge and then you can decide if you’d like to move forward with Invisalign! And know that the next time you need a crown in our office, the odds are, you’ll have an easy scan instead of an gooey impression!

At Gilreath Dental we are determined to provide you with the highest level of patient care and customer service. If you have any dental questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our office at your convenience so we can address any of your needs.

For a FREE, no-obligation consultation, contact us today at 770.514.1224 .
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