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Laser Cavity Detection

The next best thing to preventing cavities all together is to at least treat them at their earliest stages. Many dentists, such as Gilreath Dental Associates, are adopting breakthrough dental technology using laser cavity detection. This system is a non-invasive and highly effective method to diagnosing tooth decay at your routine dental exam.

Why Do We Need Laser Cavity Detection?

The growing use of fluoride has been successful at reducing overall cases of tooth decay. Fluoride works by hardening the enamel surfaces on your teeth so that it can be more resistant to cavities. Cavities, therefore, are increasingly being seen more on the softer inner dentin layer instead of the outer layer of the tooth, which makes detecting cavities much harder for a dentist. Unless, however, your dentist uses laser cavity detection. This technology is able to successfully detect cavities that began on the inside of the tooth before they grow so large that the tooth is then damaged from the inside out. Remember, cavities that are left untreated will continue to grow and eventually cause severe pain, tooth damage or even tooth loss.

What are the Benefits of Early Detection?

By detecting a cavity at its early stages, the chances of using a “no-drill” treatment increases profoundly. Gilreath Dental Associates proudly offers patients No Drill Restoration services to treat tooth decay early while still preserving the natural tooth.

The growing use of technology continues to streamline and better most every aspect of our lives. Make sure your dental health is no different. Ask your dentist about taking advantage of the latest dental cavity detection technology at your next visit.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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