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ICON Technology – Treating Your Cavity Without the Drill

Marietta GA Restorative DentistWhile not all dental practices are equipped to offer it, there is a revolutionary and quite conservative method to repair decay without picking up a dental drill. Dr. Gilreath proudly offers “no drill dentistry” using the advanced ICON technology. ICON is a new patented process that infiltrates resin into small “incipient” decay lesions in teeth. It requires no drilling or anesthesia for optimal patient comfort. Most of all, it can effectively repair an area of decay without removing any of the tooth structure!

ICON is ideal for treating early cavities. In the past, dentists had two options for addressing these tiny lesions – fluoride or “drill and fill.” Unfortunately, fluoride or other remineralization techniques to try and restore the tooth enamel aren’t always effective, especially if the cavity has reached a more advanced stage. With “drill and fill,” dentists almost always have to remove some healthy tooth structure when repairing the cavity.

ICON offers a new and better approach for a cavity that is at its beginning stages. Decay can be detected early using advanced imaging or laser cavity detection, another cutting-edge technology that Dr. Gilreath offers at our Marietta practice.

What You Can Expect During Your “No Drill” Cavity Repair

When using the ICON system, you can expect a quick and painless procedure. We will begin by preparing the surface of the affected tooth with a special gel that opens the pores of the tooth. Next, we rinse and dry the tooth thoroughly. Finally, we will apply the ICON infiltrant resin onto the cavity or lesion. This material has high penetration capabilities to effectively fill the area of decay. The material is then cured under a special light. Patients do not have to undergo any type of anesthesia and a dental drill is never used!

Not only does ICON allow you to leave our office without a numb cheek, it can also protect the healthy structures of your tooth, which is always ideal.  Furthermore, patients who have a fear of needles or feel uncomfortable at the sound of the dental drill can strongly benefit from this type of cavity restoration. However, in order to be a candidate for ICON’s no drill dentistry, you must give your dentist a chance to detect your cavities at their earliest stages – which means attending your routine dental checkups as suggested. Schedule your visit at Gilreath Dental Associates today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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