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Cavities: The Drawback of “Watch and Wait”

There are many dentists that use a “watch and wait” approach when they detect a very early cavity. In such cases, the area of decay may have only penetrated the enamel of the tooth and not the inner dentin layer. At this stage, it is probably not causing any harm and typically undetectable to the naked eye. While it may seem okay to just wait and monitor the cavity before initiating treatment, the patient may miss out on the opportunity to treat it more conservatively – without a dental drill!

A dentist who is a qualified provider of the ICON dental system has the capability to treat early dental caries with a no drill restoration. The ICON technology allows resin (a filling material) to infiltrate the damaged enamel and treat the cavity. The revolutionary ICON system does not require drilling into the tooth and patients do not need anesthesia. This can save patients valuable time, discomfort and money when it comes to treating decay. For patients who are afraid of a dental drill (which is a common fear), can greatly benefit from this technology.

There are two ways to ensure you can take advantage of no drill restorations. First, you must find a dentist who offers ICON technology, such as Dr. Gilreath. Second, you must see your dentist on a regular basis. Neglecting to attend you six month checkups may result in a missed cavity that has penetrated the outer tooth layer, thus requiring more invasive restoration. Remember that if you feel severe sensitivity or pain in a tooth, it may be an indication that the decay has reached the tooth center (pulp) and a root canal may be needed to save your tooth.

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Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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