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No Drills Please!

You’ve just been told the devastating news. You have a cavity. Now all you can think about is that painful shot of Novocain and the sound of that loud drill digging into your tooth. Until now, you are preparing yourself for an accurate cavity filling experience from your dentist. Fortunately, there is a treatment option that involves no drilling and no injections. The ICON treatment of small cavities is a revolutionary and highly effective approach to not only taking care of your cavity but saving your healthy tooth structure as well. Gilreath Dental Associates is among the few dental practices that offer this conservative no drill restoration.

The ICON technique was developed in Europe and is FDA approved. It works by infiltrating resin into small “incipient” decay lesions in your tooth. This addresses decay before it grows into a large cavity that would demand those awful drills and a full blown filling. Many dentists still use the “watch and wait” approach to cavities. It is important to realize there are conservative options in dentistry for taking care of your cavities.

Drills are not only unpleasant for the patient, but they can actually harm your tooth structure. However, the ICON approach is not just minimally invasive, it is micro-invasive. It fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without destructive drilling or painful shots. And if you needed yet another reason to seek out this revolutionary technology when you have a cavity, the ICON can be done in just minutes.

There you have it. You save yourself unnecessary pain, harmful drilling, and precious time when you seek an ICON dental provider such as Gilreath Dental Associates. Plus, you are free to enjoy the rest of your day after you leave. You can go have lunch or meet with a client without that frustrating and lingering numbness in your mouth.

Are you taking advantage of the latest technology in tooth restoration?

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