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How Lasers Are Improving Dentistry

Laser technology has dramatically changed the way clinicians treat patients across a wide range of health disciplines.  You are probably well aware of lasers used in surgery or laser therapy to treat skin conditions.  However, did you know that dentists use lasers too?  The use of lasers in dentistry is becoming more and more common.  From drill-free cavity restorations to effective gum treatment, laser therapy allows for a less invasive, more effective and an overall more pleasant dental experience.  Lasers can also eliminate the need for anesthesia, resulting in quicker procedures and less recovery time.

Here are some common ways that your dentist may implement laser technology to treat you better:


Today, lasers can be used to detect and treat cavities more accurately and effectively.  Cutting-edge laser cavity detection equipment can detect cavities at a much earlier stage than traditional methods, which means smaller fillings and less damage to the tooth.  Some dentists are now using drill-free dentistry, which allows them to use lasers to remove tooth decay and prep your teeth for fillings without a drill.


Laser therapy has also significantly improved the way your dentist can both treat your gums and make them look better.   Lasers gently and precisely treat gum disease by helping to create a bacteria-free environment around your teeth, including the deep pockets of gum tissue that are infected.  In addition, many patients choose laser technology for gum recontouring.  In only minutes, gingival recontouring with lasers can improve uneven or bulky gum tissue and create a more attractive smile.

Mouth Sores

If you simply cannot endure the 7-10 days it takes for an ulcer or cold sore to heal, you can ask your dentist to treat it with a soft tissue laser.  Within seconds of treatment, the lesion will no longer be active and your discomfort is relieved.

It is exciting to learn about the ways in which advanced laser technology can improve your dental care.  Gaining a healthy and attractive smile is becoming more and more convenient, effective and comfortable – leaving you no excuses to avoid the dental office!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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