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Toothpaste Use Beyond Your Mouth

We all know the primary job toothpaste holds. First and foremost, use toothpaste to brush your pearly whites, twice a day and every day! Considering you only need a small dab (pea size amount) of toothpaste to get your oral hygiene job done, you might be interested in some other helpful ways you can use that tube of toothpaste around the house.

Stain Removal: From dirty sneakers to carpet stains, toothpaste can effectively cleans both clothing and carpet. Simple scrub some it on the stain and wash with cool water.

Skin Remedy: An application of toothpaste on a minor burn can provide relief and it can reduce irritation on a bug bite. Toothpaste can even be used as a nighttime acne cream since it works to dry out pimples or blemishes.

Hand Care: Get dazzling white nails by scrubbing with toothpaste. It easily buffs and shines dull nails. If you like to cook but hate the unpleasant odor of handling fish or garlic, try cleaning your hands with toothpaste next time. It can quickly eliminate stinky, stubborn smells on your hands.

Jewelry Cleaner: You can forgo the expensive jewelry cleaners if you have some extra toothpaste in your bathroom. Toothpaste that is used with a cloth or soft brush can help both your silver and diamonds regain their sparkle!

A Parent’s Aid: Toothpaste can make a difficult parenting moment easier. Did you know that it can wipe away a toddler’s crayon marks off your walls? Toothpaste can also be used to make swimming more fun for your kids. Wipe a small dab of toothpaste on their goggles and rinse with water to prevent the goggles from fogging during swimming hours.

We hope you will find these toothpaste tricks both economical and effective in your home. Now there are more reasons than ever to stock your bathroom cabinet with tubes of toothpaste. Although your sneakers may not care what type of toothpaste you use, a dentist, such as Gilreath Dental Associates, can help you find the right toothpaste for your mouth!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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