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Keeping Oral Cancer in Check

Perhaps the most important fact to know about oral cancer is that by detecting it early, you can save your life. In the United States, oral cancer is projected to cause 8,000 deaths this year, killing roughly 1 person per hour, 24 hours per day. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, “the death rate associated with this cancer is particularly high not because it is hard to discover or diagnose, but due to the cancer being routinely discovered late in its development.”

Dr. Gilreath of Gilreath Dental Associates performs oral cancer screenings as part of patients’ routine dental exam. Because you may only see your dentist twice a year for a check-up, it is imperative that you perform your own oral cancer self-checks. Carefully exam your lips, gums, tongue and cheek periodically for the following symptoms that may indicate oral cancer:

  • Red or white patches in your mouth
  • An ulcer or sore that does not heal and/or bleeds easily
  • A blood blister that does not heal
  • A thick or hard spot or lump that may or may not be painful
  • A roughened or crusted area or sore
  • Numbness anywhere in your mouth
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite down
  • Pain when chewing or swallowing
  • Difficulty when swallowing or moving your jaw
  • Difficulty moving your tongue
  • Changes in your speech such as slurring or lack of clarity
  • Loose teeth and/or sore gums
  • Altered taste
  • Swollen lymph glands

Again, remember that early detection of oral cancer means highly treatable. Always let your dentist know if you experience any of the above signs and symptoms so that you can take the next appropriate steps towards a healthy mouth and healthy you!
Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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