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Eating for Your Teeth

Most of us are well aware of the impact our food choices have on our overall health, including our energy, disease prevention, growth, etc. However, you may not realize that the health and look of your teeth are also affected by what you eat. Other than routine dental checkups, your job in oral hygiene goes beyond just brushing and flossing.

Foods can affect the teeth in many ways. They can either destruct or strengthen your teeth. If your teeth could talk, they would certainly ask for foods that give them support such as foods that dislodge plaque, reduce acid, encourage saliva production, or have a whitening or flossing effect. Did you know there are foods that actually have those oral hygiene capabilities? There are even foods that contain fluoride such as low-sugar powdered juices, dehydrated soups, processed chicken, powdered cereals and seafood.

Healthy teeth are usually good-looking teeth. So make sure your diet includes some of these foods that your teeth will love:

• Dairy – The calcium alone in milk and yogurt are vital for teeth to maintain their structure. However, these choices in dairy are good for daytime snacks when you are not able to brush right away, as they do leave behind added sugar to sit on your teeth. Cheese is great for your teeth because it helps generate saliva in your mouth, which is your body’s natural defense against gum disease and cavities.

• Fruits – Raw fruits have fiber and a lot of water that are ideal for the teeth and the oral cavity as a whole. Due to the increased salivation while eating fruits, the oral acidity will also will dissipate along with the ability for the bacteria to sustain in the cavity. In addition, fruits like watermelon and strawberries will provide vital nutritional elements such as vitamin C, which preserves healthy gums.

• Vegetables – Veggies have the similar effects as fruits. However, they contain unique minerals such as Vitamin A, which is vital to tooth enamel. Carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes are good examples of vegetables your teeth will love.

• Water – Yes, even water will do your teeth a favor. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and after meals can rinse off and floss off the potential decaying agents to protect your teeth and gums.

The next time you are deciding what to eat, think about your teeth. What foods would they love? Choosing a dentist, such as Gilreath Dental Associates, that you can partner with to keep your teeth healthy at every stage of life.
Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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