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What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Imagine a constant painful, burning sensation on your lips, tongue, palate, gums or inside of your cheek. That is what sufferers of Burning Mouth Syndrome (BSS) face on a daily basis. It is considered one of the most complicated and poorly understood oral health conditions.

Although professionals do not understand the burning mouth syndrome in its entirety, yet we do know the typical symptoms it produces as well as who is likely to suffer. Here are some facts that we do know about BSS:

Symptoms: A pain or burning sensation that typically is mild in the mornings and night and at its worst during midday hours. Some people have a continual burning feeling while others have more intermittent discomfort. BSS can last several months or even years. It is common for sufferers to also experience dry lips, a sore or dry mouth, tingling/numbness in the mouth and a bitter or metallic taste.

Causes: A definite cause is unknown for Burning Mouth Syndrome. An oral burning sensation can be contributed to a number of different factors ranging from dry mouth and oral thrush to menopause and anxiety. Even a physical irritation from dentures could cause painful burning. A trip to the dentist is needed to properly diagnose burning mouth syndrome.

Treatment: Unfortunately, there is no universal treatment for burning mouth syndrome. Many treatments are aimed at alleviating symptoms such as avoiding mouthwash, using baking soda to brush your teeth or chewing gum and sipping water throughout the day. If your burning mouth is a result of another condition, it is best to treat your BSS at its source. For example, using medications to relieve any anxiety/depression or chronic pain may help.

Gilreath Dental Associates is committed to helping patients tolerate the uncomfortable and often unbearable symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome. Always tell your dentist if you experience burning in any part of your mouth on more than one occasion.

 Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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