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Welcome to our Website and Blog

Welcome to our new website and our first blog entry. We are so excited to have our site up and running. It has been over half a year in the making! We've worked hard to make the site very comprehensive and full of great information for our patients. It includes information on all the services we offer that can benefit your oral health, as well as before and after photos. We also have linked our blog to our Facebook page so that we can keep you up to date about all things dental that might interest you and your family. If there’s something you'd like to know more about, let us know and we'll blog about it. We would love your feedback! And you can call us for an appointment or consultation at (770) 514-1224.

At Gilreath Dental we are determined to provide you with the highest level of patient care and customer service. If you have any dental questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our office at your convenience so we can address any of your needs.

For a FREE, no-obligation consultation, contact us today at 770.514.1224 .
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