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Invisalign in Marietta by Dr. Gilreath

Invisalign in Marietta. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. Invisalign is the largest orthodontic company in the world. The product uses clear aligners (similar to bleach trays) to move teeth into ideal positions in lieu of using traditional orthodontic bands, brackets and wires. The company has put millions of dollars into their research and development and the product is, in a word, sensational. No longer are teens destined to a mouth full of metal braces, which collect food and plaque and often permanently stain teeth. No longer do adults who want to improve their smile and oral health have to either resort to veneers or crowns to “restoratively” move their teeth or opt for metal braces. Invisalign is a product that can be used in all ages and for virtually all situations. My youngest patient in Invisalign treatment is 10 years old and my most senior is almost 80! I’ve corrected all types of bite problems… minor crowding, major crowding, spaces, overbites, underbites… they can all be addressed with Invisalign—in the right hands.

I’m a Preferred Provider for Invisalign (and only a month or so away from being a Premier Provider!). In fact, I’m one of the top Invisalign providers in North Georgia. (For much more information on Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, please visit and Invisalign is an incredible product and wonderful service to patients. However in order to have consistently great results, dentists have to fully understand both the mechanics of tooth movement and the mechanics of the Invisalign process. Too often dentists provide Invisalign to their patients without having a full grasp of both these concepts. It is up to the individual dentist and orthodontist to I’ve made it a primary goal to learn as much about the Invisalign treatment process as possible. I’ve attended over 150 hours of CE courses over the last year and a half and have been fortunate to present many of my Invisalign cases to the dental profession in an attempt to teach others my customized approach to the Invisalign treatment process. Invisalign constantly updates and improves the product and I have spent a tremendous amount of time mastering these updates.

The bottom line is this– Invisalign is an incredible process that can be used in virtually any orthodontic situation, even pre-treatment surgical patients. But you must choose your Invisalign provider wisely. Ask about his or her experience and how much advanced training they have had with the process. The treatment results are based solely on your dentist’s knowledge and experience with Invisalign. If you have any questions about the Invisalign process or if you’d like to schedule a no cost consultation, please call us at 770-514-1224 or you can use the contact form at Thanks for reading and stay tuned for exciting new information on Invisalign from our office. Best, Paul Gilreath IV, DMD

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