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Could Stem Cells Be Used to Regrow Teeth?

Marietta GA Dentist OfficeThe use of stem cells has been a growing trend in multiple medical specialties. By using the body’s own stem cells, doctors have been able to rebuild tissues in orthopedics as well as help regrow hair and even turn back the hands of time in facial plastic surgery. Now, the field of dentistry may be able to utilize the power of stem cells too.

Recent research is showing signs of great promise in using dental stem cells to replace lost or damaged tissues within a tooth. More advanced research is being conducted to discover if stem cells could actually regrow teeth. It’s been done in mice and the evidence is emerging as to whether it can be done in humans too!

It is not always easy to extract the body’s stem cells, as they are often buried deep within tissues and other similar-looking cells. However, scientists have discovered that there is an abundance of stem cells readily available inside baby teeth. Molars and wisdom teeth also harbor these valuable stem cells.

In a recent article from Dentistry Today, the pre-clinical findings are further explained, which indicate that dental stem cells can be injected into decaying teeth to stimulate the dental pulp and result in a rapid regeneration of lost tissues and blood vessels. While only studied in mice thus far, this is a natural repair process that could change the face of modern dentistry.

At Gilreath Dental Associates, we are proud to stay on top of the latest dental research and findings. Our practice offers advanced dental treatments, including tooth-colored fillings, no-drill dentistry, dental implants and much more.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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