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Is Gum Disease on Your Radar?

Set of Practice Teeth with Mirror Marietta GAGum disease is a significant problem in the United States and throughout the world. In fact, 80% of the global population is affected by periodontal disease. This is not an oral health condition that we don’t have treatment for. There are a variety of therapies that can successfully eradicate and reverse gum disease. The problem is – it must be detected. It is imperative that patients are aware of gum disease symptoms and are able to seek treatment at early stages.

The consequences of letting gum disease go undetected and untreated are quite severe. Gum disease is an infection within the soft tissues that support your teeth. Gum disease develops in stages. In early stages, the gums are simply inflamed or irritated due to excess bacteria and plaque. As the disease progresses, however, the infection can destroy the gum tissues as well as the underlying bone. Patients may quickly go from swollen gums to receding gums and even tooth loss if this periodontal infection advances. Lastly, untreated gum disease can affect your overall health so it is not something to ignore or play around with.

How can you tell if disease is brewing beneath your gums? There are certain warning signs of the condition that you should be able to recognize:

  • Longer teeth, due to receding gums.
  • Cold-sensitivity, also due to receding gums.
  • Chronic bad breath or bad taste in the mouth.
  • Redness or swelling of the gums.
  • Bleeding when you floss.
  • Space in between teeth seems to be expanding.

If you are keeping up with your six-month dental exams, you shouldn’t have to wait until gum disease is an obvious problem to get treatment. At Gilreath Dental Associates, we place high priority on evaluating your gum health at each routine visit. This involves measuring the height of your gums and making sure they haven’t receded or changed since your last exam. In the meantime, if you notice any of the above gum disease symptoms, please let us know. We have a range of periodontal therapies that can restore your gums to optimal health.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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