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Fascinating Facts About Your Mouth

Marietta GA DentistHow much do you know about your dental health? Your mouth is a remarkable part of your body that serves unique purposes towards your overall health and well-being. Here are some fun facts about your smile and the tools we use to take care of it:

#1 Tooth enamel (the outer layer) is the strongest substance in your entire body! Unfortunately, it is not invincible. Cavities and trauma can damage the enamel if not properly protected.

#2 Tooth decay is classified as an infectious disease. Cavities are caused by a bacteria strain that can be passed from one person to the next.

#3 Nearly 25% of adults admit to not brushing twice a day. How do you measure up? You should be brushing twice per day for two minutes each time.

#4 On average, a person produces over 100,00 gallons of saliva in their lifetime. Saliva is critical to your oral health. Dry mouth is linked to increased risk of decay, gum disease, bad breath and more.

#5 Before toothbrushes, people used the ends of small branches to clean debris off of their teeth. These were called “chewsticks.”

#6 Cavities are the most common disease in children. Decay is also the most preventable! Nearly 42% of all American children suffer from cavities per year.

#7 Americans purchase over 14 million gallons of toothpaste every year.

#8 No two tongues are alike. The human tongue is as unique as a fingerprint.

#9 Toothpaste was first made from crushed seashells, salt, pulverized dried bread and even crushed bones. It was flavored using mint, juniper and other fresh-smelling herbs.

#10 Dental crowns date back nearly 4,000 years ago. Rulers and political leaders in East Asia and Ancient Italy had gold crowns (or dental caps) as a sign of wealth and power.

Modern Dental Care

The way we take care of our teeth has improved dramatically since ancient decades. Are you protecting your teeth like you should? Gilreath Dental Associates offers comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Schedule your smile checkup today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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