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The CEREC Crown Advantage

Let’s face it; most of us have an agenda or schedule that doesn’t allow much time for dental treatments. That’s why it is important to find a dentist who stays at the cutting-edge of dental technology, which can tremendously reduce your time in the dental chair. The CEREC technology for dental crowns is a perfect example. Dental crowns that used to be an arduous two to three week process can now be delivered in a single day!

Purpose Of A Crown

Your dentist will suggest a dental crown when your existing tooth structured has been significantly damaged (by disease, decay or injury). When the damage is beyond what a filling can repair, a crown is needed. A crown is a cap that covers all visible surfaces of your tooth. It is fabricated to fit securely and comfortably over the affected tooth for proper protection and strength. Therefore, accurate measurements of your teeth are needed before the porcelain crown can be made.

The Old Process

Before CEREC technology, getting a crown was a two-stage process. The first appointment involved taking an impression of your teeth so that it can be sent to a dental laboratory for custom fabrication. A temporary crown is given at this point until the permanent model is ready. Once the “real” crown arrives, a second dental visit is needed to have the crown placed.


With CEREC, patients don’t have to make multiple trips to the dental office and they don’t have to endure messy impressions. CEREC uses the same high quality porcelain materials to make a permanent crown in the very same day. CEREC uses advanced 3D imaging, which allows precise measurements to be taken with minimal disruption to the patient. CEREC typically produces a custom crown in about an hour and there is no need to wear a temporary crown (which brings perils of its own).

When it comes to restoring your smile, you can take the easy way out without having to sacrifice quality. CEREC crowns offer unrivaled convenience and they are top ranked in durability and comfort. To learn more about CEREC same day dental crowns in Marietta, contact Gilreath Dental Associates.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates


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