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KoR Teeth Whitening System

Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular procedures we do at Gilreath Dental Associates. The system we use is called KoR. Dr. Gilreath had become very dissatisfied Zoom and Britesmile systems he had used in the past because they didn't give the consistent results he was looking for. In 2010, he met Dr. Ron Kurthy, a dentist in California who is the inventor of KoR Teeth Whitening System. Dr. Gilreath researched the system and after seeing what KoR could do for patients, he became a KoR provider. The results we have seen in our office are in a word “UNBELIEVABLE”! KoR is the finest system currently available for teeth whitening and we are proud to offer it to our patients. In fact, Dr. Gilreath is just about to publish a dental magazine article on some of his outstanding results. Here are some photos of a patient who has been treated with KoR.

Charles had nice teeth, but he was getting married and wanted beautiful pearly whites. KoR produced a gorgeous result and he was a very handsome groom. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Dr. Gilreath about KoR Teeth Whitening, call us at (770) 514-1224.

Charles before KoR Whitening

Charles before KoR

Charles after KoR Whitening

Charles after KoR Whitening

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