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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

Marietta GA Smile MakeoversAlthough aging is inevitable, it is rarely welcomed. As we get older, our appearance is threatened with gray hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and other unsightly features across the face. While some aging adults don’t mind the investment in facial plastic surgery or repeated rejuvenation treatments, others may be interested in another anti-aging secret: cosmetic dentistry. A white, balanced and attractive smile can instantly make you look younger, healthier and even more energetic. The best part; most cosmetic dentistry services involve minimal sacrifice to your time and budget compared to plastic surgery.

Here are some cosmetic dental treatments that can address common aging concerns:

Professional Teeth Whitening for Stained, Dingy Teeth

Many adults experience yellow and stained teeth as they get older. Not only does the natural aging process cause a loss of brilliance to your teeth, but years of consuming dark colored foods and drinks can greatly contribute. Whether you’ve had a coffee habit or a nicotine habit, professional teeth whitening can help you regain a whiter and more youthful smile. Many professional whitening systems can lighten your teeth by several shades in just an hour!

Dental Implants for Jowls/Sagging Cheeks

For those that have missing teeth, particularly the back molars, you may suffer from gradual hallowed or sunken cheek at your lower face. This is due to the fact that your jawbone has lost its density and structure. By getting dental implants (and perhaps bone grafting as well) you can rebuild the foundation of your smile as well as improve the appearance of jowls.

Porcelain Veneers for Thinning Lips

The lips, like other features of your face, lose collagen as you age. While lip fillers can certainly restore lost volume in this area, the injections will need to be repeated on a periodic basis. Another solution to giving your lips a subtle plump is to get porcelain veneers. Not only do veneers correct a wide variety of aesthetic concerns within your teeth, but they can push out your lips in the slightest, most attractive way. Veneers are thin shells that sit on top of your front tooth surfaces, the added volume can consequently make your lips fuller. In addition, they may also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth!

These are just a few of the ways that cosmetic and restorative dentistry can turn back the hands of time. Crowns, bonding and bridges are other excellent solutions that can undoubtedly make you look younger and more attractive. To learn how a qualified cosmetic dentist can be your answer to a more youthful you, contact Gilreath Dental Associates today!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Paul Gilreath IV, Gilreath Dental Associates

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